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Holiday Adventure


Holiday Adventure Club

The Beehive offers a Holiday Adventure club for children 4- 8 years old during all state school holidays. Children will have the opportunity to develop new skills an make new friends.


Our dedicated staff take time to plan fun and exciting activities for the Mega Bees to participate in during their holidays such as:




Face painting, Flower Pressing, Clay, plaster of Paris, Fymo, Raffia work, Tie dying, badge/jewellery making, Basic woodwork



Producing and performing their own plays, make up group or individual dance moves or develop a pop band with their friends. Children have access to large amount of resources, including costumes, musical instruments and CD player.


The Outdoors


The Mega Bees are given full use of the large garden, where group sports are played including rounders, cricket, football and may more team games. We have nature walks, treasure hunts and children are encouraged to plant flowers and vegetables. We also take our mega bees out on trips to the beach, park, wildlife park, library ect




In the holidays we like to encourage children's basic skills by participating in simple cooking, board games, puzzles, educational computer programmes. Mega bees will have constant access to a large variety of books and other literature.




To all the Holiday Adventure Club Worker Bees, Thank you so much for a wonderful summer. I had so much fun and adventures. Zachary Garrett xx