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The food we provide for our children affects every part of their lives: Their mood, behaviour, growth and even their ability to focus.


Good nutrition is paramount for a child's health and well being, helping to develop strong bones and teeth, healthy organs and general growth.


Children with diets high in sugar lack concentration and their behaviour can become temperamental.


If a child is provided with a balanced diet, they become enthusiastic about learning, on the whole are a lot happier and sleep well. In our kitchen we limit the amount of sugar added and do not add salt.


At the beehive we have our very own chef and qualified nutritionalist, who plan fun and tasty meals in advance and are dedicated to providing healthy balanced dinners for the children in our care.

Our food:


•Is freshly cooked on our premises.


•Is healthy and well balanced, including fresh fruit or vegetables at main meals and no added salt.


•Caters for individual needs - we will discuss your child's eating habits with you and any special dietary requirements or food allergies are displayed in the kitchen.


Our children:


•Are encouraged to feed themselves.babies start with finger food and offered spoons to hold. Older children are given child size cutlery and taught how to use it.


•Learn necessary skills for eating together including taking equal portions and good manners.


•Are encouraged to eat at their own pace and to try new foods, but are not expected to eat any foods they don't like.


Cooking as part of the curriculum

Each month, groups of children are involved in cooking activities as part of their topic. Often, this will be linked to a special festival or occasion - such as Christmas, Bonfire night or the Chinese New Year. In this way, children are encouraged to try out new foods, and learn about other cultures.




At present the babies in our care will have their milk and food provided by their parents or guardians. Milk will be given according to the established routine at home. Babies are cuddled when fed their bottles.


In the babywing everything your child eats and drinks will be recorded on to their daily record. Their feeding routine will remain the same as their routine at home, until the child has settled and we can slowly adapt the routine to fit in with our own routine.


Please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff if you have any concerns or queries regarding feeding and weaning, they have a lot of knowledge and experience and will work along side you.

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