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The Beehive has seven classrooms, fully equipped with a wide range of equipment including didactic toys puzzles, books, games and construction toys. Children are organised into small groups and depending upon the activity for their group, have access to all the equipment in all of the rooms and are not confined to the same area. We have a small sleep room where children may take an undisturbed rest, should that prove necessary during our busy bee day.


Activities are varied and numerous bearing in mind that a small child's attention span is usually somewhere between ten and twenty minutes. These activities are designed to develop children's spatial, manipulative, auditory, sensual, social skills and hand-eye co-ordination. Activities include cookery, water-play, wet and dry sand play, painting, cutting out, gluing and sticking, learning letters and numbers, shapes and colours, dressing up, role/imaginative play and physical exercise. The Bumble Bees are introduced to computers in their final few months at the 'Beehive'

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We place great emphasis on language development and children are encouraged to talk and express themselves. Language development is enhanced through story telling, question and answer sessions and action songs. Bumble Bees will receive an introduction to French, which ought to stand them in good stead for the future.


As each child is an individual, they are treated as such and no child is asked or expected to do anything beyond his/her capabilities. We do try to stretch the children and encourage them to tackle increasingly more difficult and complex tasks as may be suitable to their abilities in order to promote their development.


We have an extensive secure garden including a substantial lawn and a large paved area to the rear of the Kindergarten. It is a delight to our swarm of busy bees and their are several pieces of outdoor equipment to encourage the children's physical development and fitness, including a trampoline, slide, goal posts, a range of sit and ride toys, climbing frame, tunnels and a hop scotch patch. During the summer months, weather permitting.


If you would like to register your child at the 'Beehive' we would be grateful if you would read the Terms and conditions, then complete and return the registration form at your earliest convenience.


We must point out that while every effort will be made to fit your child into the sessions requested and starting at the time requested it may not be possible to comply with your wishes, but as soon as a place becomes available we will contact you.


In addition to the main nursery (2-5years) we have a purpose built baby wing at the Beehive Kindergarten which consists of a completely separate section and includes our large sun- lounge for general activities, a dedicated sleep room, and a messy play area, all for the exclusive use of our babies. The baby wing is bright and cheerful and is thoroughly equipped to a very high standard and a large diverse selection of toys are available to encourage the babies hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills, stimulate their senses and satisfy their boundless curiosity.


All areas of baby wing are continuously monitored by our team of qualified and highly motivated staff and a strict code of practice covering all aspects of baby care is in place.


We are fortunate to have a pianist among our staff and as far as is practicable at least half an hour each session is devoted to music, song, dance or joining in with the children's musical instruments. It seems that in some areas the old traditional nursery rhymes (our childhood heritage) are being allowed to die out, so we are doing our best to keep them alive. We also endeavour to practice Manx songs/rhymes and other songs/rhymes in foreign languages.



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