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After School and Holiday Care

We operate an after school club which we call our 'Hive of Activity' and we further offer a School Holiday Care Club.


Please note that as these clubs are very popular and numbers are limited, priority will be given to those children that have attended one of our Kindergartens in their pre-school years ie.. (Beehive)



Please use the parking area provided, taking care not to obstruct the entrance and exit. Do not park on the main road if this can be avoided as this may cause a hazard to other road users. Please do not allow your child to run loose in the car park.


May we ask parents to park on the forecourt immediately in front of the 'Beehive' as experience has shown that cars manoeuvring out of these spaces cause traffic jams that spill out onto the main road.


For this reason these spaces have been allocated to the staff. Please take particular care while leaving the car park and crossing the pavement as some pedestrians have noted some people exit at quite high speed and there are always small children about.

Bumble Bees

Children in their Pre-School year are known as 'Bumble Bees'. Each term every Bumble Bee will be issued with a folder for their work sheets. This may be taken home at the end of the term and returned at the beginning of the next term. Any parent that wishes to see their child's work folder at any time during the term may of course do so.


Please note that Mrs Welch and/or Mrs Nation are always available to discuss any problems or difficulties you may have with your child's progress and development, so please don't hesitate to ask for assistance at any time.



Please inform us if your child is to be absent for any reason.



If your child is suffering from a sore throat, doubtful rash, diarrhoea, discharge from eyes, or other infectious condition, please keep them at homeuntil the symptoms disappear.


Please also check your child's hair for head lice on a frequent and regular basis. Should head lice be found, then check all members of your family. Your child must be kept at home until clear.


The Kindergarten staff can provide information on treatment.



Please provide your child with a pump bag (not a plastic bag), slippers and wellies, all clearly marked with his/her name. Labels may be obtained from the Beehive at £7.99 for 72.


We cannot accept responsibility for lost items of clothing when they are not clearly marked. If your child is still in nappies, please send along a pack of disposable nappies and we will let you know when they need to be replenished


Personal Possessions

Please do not allow your child to fetch toys, money, jewellery music and video tapes or sweets to the 'Beehive'. In the initial stages of settling in, comforters are welcome.

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